Brand character

What is Paloceras?

A high-end design powerhouse with a digital DNA. As artisans for this new age, we craft iconic products for those curious exploring the unexamined in-between territories.

How does Paloceras view its role in shaping the future of creativity and what steps is the brand taking to stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies?

We see our role in shaping the future of creativity and innovation as experimentation. We are constantly exploring new technologies and design approaches, and working to create products that push the boundaries of what is possible. We also see ourselves as a collaborator in the creative industry, working with other organisations and individuals to shape the future of creativity and innovation in a positive and sustainable way.

How can you ensure that the embrace of dematerialisation does not lead to a devaluation of the skills and labor of traditional artisans and craftspeople?

This is at the core of Paloceras. We can ensure that the embrace of dematerialisation does not lead to a devaluation of traditional artisanal skills by celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of skilled artisans, and by creating collaborative design models that bring together digital and physical expertise.

Process of transformation

How does your brand's work reflect the process of individuation and personal transformation?

Our work is guided by a commitment to individual creativity and expression, and we believe that our creations can inspire personal transformation and growth.

What role does the unconscious play in the creative process behind your brand's designs and creations?

The unconscious plays an important role in the creative process behind our designs and creations, as we believe that the most innovative and inspiring ideas often emerge from the depths of the psyche.

How can your brand's designs and creations help individuals cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them?

Our creations are designed to evoke powerful emotions and stimulate the imagination, providing individuals with new opportunities to connect with their inner selves and the collective unconscious. We believe that these connections can lead to personal growth, transformation, and a deeper understanding of the world around us.


I’m a designer/artist/developer having an idea for a collaboration, are you interested?

Yes! We’re always interested in teaming up with interesting individuals. Send us your idea and link to your website, portfolio, or profile to and we’ll get back to you.