Paloceras unveils limited-edition digital spectacles, an extraordinary glimpse into the future of eyewear

Caption: Digital artistry meets runway-worthy design in new eyewear line.

To mark the arrival of spring, Paloceras, the high-end design powerhouse with a digital DNA, is releasing its digital eyewear collection crafted by awarded designers Alexis Perron-Corriveau and Mika Matikainen. 

The PUFF limited-edition collection is a surrealist dream made tangible in these limited-edition spectacles. They invite one to embrace the fantastical, where beauty and innovation merge in a surreal symphony of the senses, and the owner becomes an otherworldly being, suspended in time and space.

Boasting 55 individual spectacle designs, the range features a sculptural appeal, goggle-style unisex frame, and an intriguing colour palette including toned-down hues together with striking metallic hues. Each piece has been digitally hand-crafted, saving in the use of virgin materials. 

Paloceras believes in challenging conventional thinking by encouraging imagination and creativity, and strives to inspire new ideas and bring to life exceptional pieces that push the boundaries of traditional design. As Alexis Perron-Corriveau, the designer, puts it, “creativity and imagination are essential to our design philosophy, and we aim to encourage and inspire new possibilities by challenging conventional thinking and unlocking new avenues of exploration for our collaborators and clients alike.”

For those enthusiasts and collectors looking to elevate their digital fashion collection, the new Paloceras PUFF collection offers a limited range of rare and modern spectacles. To learn more about the collection, see the collection.

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About Paloceras: 
Paloceras is a high-end design powerhouse with a digital DNA that embraces new possibilities brought forward by modern technology while honouring traditional craftsmanship. The result is a series of cutting-edge and innovative pieces that are elegantly refined, challenging the status quo in the high fashion industry and paving the way for the future. Inspired by the dynamic intersection of the digital and material worlds, resulting in a unique and bold expression of creativity. With a strong sense of individuality and a dedication to excellence, Paloceras is at the forefront of the high-end design industry, creating pieces that are both timeless and modern. Brand’s focus on pushing the boundaries of creativity and design sets them apart in the industry, and their commitment to guiding clients into a new era of imagination makes them a leader in their field.

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Hero image: Showcasing PUFF Solaris © Paloceras