Paloceras Playground: Exploring digital fashion with François Careau

Caption: Bringing street flair to high-end digital fashion.

François Careau a.k.a Frank Square is a designer in the field of digital fashion and 3D garment, he brings a unique blend of street flair and haute couture to Paloceras’ world. With a dedication to crafting unique digital sunglasses, Paloceras is always on the lookout for individuals who bring fresh ideas and a unique perspective to its world. Enter Careau, whose expertise is sure to bring a whole new dimension to Paloceras' offerings by blending in his unique style.

François Careau has collaborated with numerous brands to bring unique concepts to life. His work showcases a deep understanding of the intersection between fashion and technology, and his ability to create stunning visuals has made him a sought-after collaborator in the industry.

Mhhhhh tennis, 2022, François Careau

François has showcased Paloceras PUFF sunglasses in his design work, which resulted in a series of visuals that lay the foundation of digital self-expression. The project has been predominantly done through digital channels, adding to the narrative of digital creation. The outcome is a collection of images that differs from Paloceras core essence but help in adding a new dimension to its identity. By granting individuals the liberty to reinterpret a brand's vision and fostering creative expression, we liberate luxury from the mundane and elevate it to an artistic endeavor. After all, true luxury is not merely about possessing beautiful objects but about the freedom to reimagine them in new and exciting ways.

PUFF Haze feat. François Careau, 2022

Paloceras opened its archives to François, which helped in shaping a unique perception of the brand while igniting a powerful emotional connection with new audiences. By daring to embrace new creative techniques and liberating artistic expression, this alliance shatters the confines of conventionality and ushers in a new era of collaboration. After all, when fashion and freedom of creation come together, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Hero image: © François Careau

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