Paloceras Lab: Exploring the connecting points between product design, eyewear and jewellery with Charlotte Angéloz

Caption: Will we see diamond-encrusted sunglasses? Eyewear meets jewellery with a splash of fantasy.

Paloceras has partnered with Charlotte Angéloz, an up-and-coming Swiss jewellery designer, to explore the connecting points of product design, eyewear, and jewellery. As we are just starting this collaboration, we can't help but wonder how these worlds will blend. Will we see diamond-encrusted sunglasses? Or perhaps eyewear-inspired necklaces? We have to dig in.

Charlotte creates pieces that are as bold and colourful as she is. Graduating from HEAD Genève in 2019 with a unique portfolio that defines her style as one of a kind, she continued her studies at ÉCAL, earning a Master's degree in design for luxury and craftsmanship. For her, jewellery is more than just an accessory; it's a way to express yourself and elevate life to new heights. 

"Creating jewellery is not just about aesthetics, but about capturing the essence of spirituality and bringing it to life through the beauty of design," she says.

Charlotte is known for her whimsical designs, filled with bright pastels and bold shapes. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something to wear every day, Charlotte's designs are sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and empowered.

WEAVE IT by Charlotte Angéloz, 2022 / ECAL

Paloceras invited her to explore the intersection of eyewear and jewellery, she jumped at the opportunity. 

"I love playing with contrasts and aesthetic codes to find new ways of creating," she says. "The collaboration with Paloceras is quickly becoming a playground for unexpected outcomes and stylistic explorations for all three of us." 

Together we are launching a limited collection of eyewear that doubles as jewellery or perhaps the other way around. It's all still in the works, but we can expect to see delicate gems, gold, and cellulose acetate, all part of Charlotte's signature style.

The first chapter in this fruitful collaboration resulted in a unique and playful piece - an inflatable-inspired earring adorned with creases, creating an intricate texture that catches the light and adds dimension. The earring echoes Paloceras' first collection of sunglasses, bold and unconventional. 

The question remains: how will eyewear and jewellery come together? We have our own theories, of course. Maybe we'll see a pair of earrings that double as glasses holders? Or perhaps the glasses themselves will be adorned with colourful gems and precious metals. Whatever the outcome, we are eager to go deeper on this path where eyewear meets jewellery with a splash of fantasy.

Stay tuned for updates as this collaboration continues to evolve and take shape.

Hero image: Design workshop with Charlotte Angéloz © Paloceras