PUFF Mirage RG01x

Closed Edition

From the atelier of Paloceras comes a surrealist dream made tangible in these limited-edition spectacles. They invite one to embrace the fantastical, where beauty and innovation merge in a surreal symphony of the senses, and the wearer becomes an otherworldly being, suspended in time and space.

  • Sculptural appeal
  • Goggle-style unisex frame
  • Limited availability
  • Digitally hand-crafted
  • Colour: Rose gold
  • Lens: Sky blue gradient
  • Manufacturer: Paloceras, Lda.

Technical details

  • Medium: video (.mp4)
  • Dimensions: 1080 × 1080 px
  • Token Standard: ERC-721
  • Blockchain: Ethereum

May we help you?

In case of questions, we’re glad to help: please contact us on our official Discord or via email.

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PUFF Mirage RG01x

Experience the ultimate fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology with the Paloceras PUFF collection. Our creations are inspired by the dynamic intersection of the digital and material worlds, resulting in a unique and bold expression of creativity. This collection represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional product design in the high fashion industry, challenging the status quo and paving the way for the future. Immerse yourself in the collection and own a piece of the future today.

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